Thursday, April 8, 2010

Wed 7 April - Salsa II

Went back again, for our second helping. Always nice to be greeted by a kiss from your teachers as you enter the room. Marco was stretching in front of a mirror, wearing what can only be described as his gym outfit: tracksuit bottoms, t-shirt and trainers. I expected that he'd pop out at any moment and get changed, but no, this was his attire for teaching tonight's salsa class. Nothing like looking the part, eh?

A much better lesson than last week. In fact, it was great fun. The routine was a lot easier and didn't take long to pick up. Spending about half an hour consolidating what we'd learnt was also really useful. Several nods and grins of approval from our teachers meant I was doing something right. At only an hour, the time does actually fly by. Again, we stayed with our partner the whole time, so it's obviously how they do things here.

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