Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Tues 6 April - Louis, again

After trying to resolve further problems with Louis via text and phone whilst I was away in Antwerp, I decided it'd be a lot easier, for a quiet life anyway, to go and see him at his office in Brussels. Wasn't too sure what kind of reaction to expect but he seemed okay, although he kept yawning a lot and saying, 'ai, ai, ai.' He also did his usual thing of reading his emails, taking phone calls and generally not paying much attention to me, as I sat there twiddling my thumbs.

Noticed that the little "Smile, Happy Boss!" sign on his desk from last November, had now been replaced by a more sinister (and more true to life!) one, saying: "Danger, Explosive Boss!" Either that, or he had simply turned the sign round the other way. Crazy man.

It only took about 20mins to sort out all the 'misunderstandings.' I made sure I took notes and repeated everything he had said back to him, to which he greeted each point with a smile and a 'voila.' So much easier face-to-face. Almost worth paying the train fare for. Felt like I should add this to my expenses but didn't want to push it.

Spent the afternoon having lunch at the flat of a French friend called L. And a fine lunch it was too. Taught me a few new useful French phrases and sayings, and I taught him the word 'nibbles.' The Entente-cordiale was alive and well at a sixth floor flat in Brussels.

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