Friday, April 30, 2010

Fri 30 April - Getting things Done

I now have a Belgian ID card. Well, an 'e-card' relevant to 'les entrangers.' Only took me 6 months. Even had a little joke about it at the local commune where I went to collect it. This was met with a stony silence. Need to work on my 'Belgian humour.' Still, well worth the €22 it cost me. It's now safely tucked away in wallet where I will never have to show it to anyone for the rest of my time here. I actually read that it's against the law for Belgian police to stop you and ask for ID unless they have 'just cause.' Whatever that means. Another reason I am against ID cards on principle. The police have enough power as it is.

Also managed to take my wedding suit trousers into a shop to be resized. Whereas 4 or 5 months ago I would have been rather intimidated and nervous by this, I now quite relish the opportunity to use my French in a variety of places.

Had to frantically find a place with a fax machine before the afternoon after Louis had emailed to say that he couldn't open the attachments I'd sent him yesterday. Went to the bother of scanning and emailing them, only for him to lack the technology to open such a thing. That guy really gets on my wick.

Ended the day buying a rake. Nothing like learning some useless vocab.


  1. Um you left out the best part!! Having coffee with moi, duh!

    ps The UK sucks, I got up early to "watch" the election and after 2 hours of nothing *finally* someone on CNN informed us that it was against the law to talk about it while the polls were open. LAMENESS.

  2. Of course! But, once I get to know someone, you will no longer be mentioned!