Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Wed 4 Nov

Wandering around a supermarket trying to find fresh milk. Not a chance. The removal men from Angleterre will not be happy if they don’t get their cuppa. Decide on a carton of something. Think it says it’s semi-skimmed, but does that really matter when it’s UHT?

After returning back to the same place later in the day, finally discover the fresh milk section. Either it was there before and I just hadn’t spotted in, or several Brits have all moved to Mons in the same week and have already put an order in.

It quickly becomes apparent that things in the supermarkets are far dearer than back home: 1.50 E for a tube of tomato puree, anything between 3.50 and 6 E for a small box of sugary cereal. 6 E for a 375g box of Golden Grahams! There goes my breakfast. And 10E + for a flippin’ light bulb. Rip-off Belgium! Where’s a Tesco Express when you need one? Do I really mean that? Maybe not now, but I’ll be asking the same question in a few weeks time and may well give a different answer.

Lots of sneezing, sniffing and blowing (ooh er).

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