Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Tues 3 Nov 2009 - Let's all move to...Mons

We just have. I’m committed to spending the next two, possibly three, years of my life here. This blog will consist of anything from daily observations, to my attempts to find work, and frequent updates of my nagging cold which I have now had for 2 weeks and counting. This year has been a record for me for endless sniffles, aches and pains (including a nasty experience with a kidney stone. Message to all men: drink lots of water everyday). For someone who’s used to being pretty healthy, I’m getting seriously fed up.

And so we arrived in Mons on Tuesday 3 November 2009, via a very turbulent flight from Southampton. And of course it was hammering it down. I’ve read, and been told it countless times, that it rains a hell of a lot in Belgium. This usually said to me from other Brits. Who are of course not used to seeing the rain.

First observation with regards to cultural differences, Belgian pizza toppings: very little tomato sauce (not good, as a rich sauce is what makes a fine pizza in my opinion), what looks like half an onion which engulfs most of the pizza, olives everywhere, big chunks of artichoke hearts and a tiny amount of cheese. So, based on one pizza, from one takeaway, ordered from a hotel in Mons, I can conclude that pizzas in Britain are far better than the ones in Belgium. More generalisations to follow no doubt.

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