Friday, November 6, 2009

Fri 6 Nov

The house we’re living in is enormous. Far too big for us, considering we don’t actually own very much. It’s in immaculate condition, and as the inventory on the day we arrived lasted over an hour, I’m having to be ridiculously careful with everything. The cheap and nasty coasters from Wilkinson’s finally have a purpose, and I’m avoiding resting so much as a finger on the over-elaborate wallpaper.

The central heating system is completely baffling. I have become obsessed with the ‘How it Works’ manual stored in a green ring binder. After several hours, and when I think I’ve got it cracked, it soon becomes apparent that the heating just seems to come on whenever it feels like it. The temperature of the house is always monitored and the system adjusts itself accordingly; which sort of defeats the purpose of having a ‘How it Works’ manual. Do nothing pretty much sums it up.

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