Saturday, November 7, 2009

Sat 7 Nov

Amazingly, in November, in Belgium, where it’s just about double-figures outside, C was bitten over a dozen times by a mosquito in the night. Nasty little parasites. I got woken up twice by it buzzing in my ear. What’s even more incredible is that I seem to have escaped without a single bite. That’s obviously a very stupid thing to write, but as I eventually expect to get bitten to buggery, possibly not.

Our first trip out of Mons to…Tournai. No, never heard of it either. But, it was a lovely little town. They have their own Grand Place, naturally. Cobbled streets are everywhere, making it that much harder to spot the dog shit. Dozens of restaurants and cafes. It’s funny how whenever we’re looking to live in a place we always want it to have an endless array of pubs, bars, restaurants, when most of us will probably end up going to the same one, (or two at a stretch) over and over because we’re such creatures of habit (idiom. Sorry, private joke between my ex-colleagues on a recent CELTA course and our students. And I expect none of them will ever read this).

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