Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Wed 25 Nov

Today, as a one off, I had a class from 4-6pm. This is usually my Tuesday lunchtime class. And I will always be driven to and from it by the mother of the woman who runs the Language School, who also works as a secretary there. Wasn’t expecting a free lift. Bit of a bonus. Although she does drive like a bit of a lunatic. And she doesn’t speak a word of English. So, it was great French practice and she even understood me. Was actually good fun practicing my French in a relaxed and non-stressful setting.

The stress bit came when arrived at the complex and couldn’t find the damn building that H*** is based in. Of course I’d only seen it on Monday for the first time and hadn’t paid much attention. We ended driving round and round until my powers for remembering colours and particular landmarks paid dividends. I’m utterly useless with directions but am good at remembering a particular building or sign or colour of something I may have passed.

So, 15mins late (I wasn’t happy, particularly as I expected her to know where she was going) for only my second lesson. And then I couldn’t remember the code to get in the actual building. Because of the nature of the work they do you need swipe cards and codes to get in anywhere. Luckily, a woman walked pass, on her way to the loo, and let me in as I waved and smiled. So much for security.

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