Monday, November 23, 2009

Mon 23 Nov

My first bit of work on foreign land. For my lessons on Mondays and Fridays I will always get a lift to and from the place I’m teaching by another teacher at the Academy, J. I will be teaching 3 different groups of workers 3 days a week between 12-2pm, with about 5 or 6 people per class. The company I teach at is called H***. Even on their website, in English, I could barely understand what they do. They’re a company that conducts clinical trials on new drugs before they’re then sent off to bigger pharmaceutical companies. Although they told me it had nothing to do with drugs so not sure what it is they’re testing.

But, my first class was good fun. A lovely bunch who were enthusiastic and keen to learn, which surprised me somewhat as I’d guessed they had to attend English classes for work, not out of their own enjoyment. The bonus was the free lunch. 3 trays of small baguettes. The struggle was finding one without ham but I managed to have a couple with beef, onions (lots of), mustard, pickles, tomatoes, lettuce and some kind of dressing. Damn delicious baguettes.

Made sure I set them lots of pairwork so I had time to eat them!

In the evening me and C went out for a meal as today is our 8 year anniversary. And I never thought we’d be spending it in Belgium. In Mons. Still, you can’t have everything! We went back to a restaurant (The Copenhagen) on the Grand Place we went to when we here house hunting back in September. That time I felt pretty ill and could barely eat a thing. So, I decided to order exactly what I barely touched last time: lamb chops, salad, and a huge bowl of chips. And this time I appreciated it and ate the damn lot. Their meat really is excellent quality. All finished with some crepes for dessert, which are becoming a bit of a favourite.

Was all rather bizarre though, being sat upstairs in a virtually empty restaurant, overlooking a virtually deserted Grand Place. Still, a nice evening and more red meat and bowel cancer worries to fill the mind.

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