Saturday, November 21, 2009

Sat 21 Nov

Popped along to the Language School today for a chat with someone called M about work. It’s one of the language schools in Mons I’d handed my CV in to. Eventually, M (who teaches there) turned up surrounded by half a dozen kids. We chatted about the school and my background and what was available, all whilst standing up in a very noisy room. I couldn’t work out what kind of place it was.

We finally sat down and were joined by J (another teacher) and went over other things such as how much I’d get paid, hours of teaching I could do, where I’d be teaching. It seems the first bit of work would be at a company called H*** outside of Mons to start on Monday. My first thoughts were, ahhh, Monday, I need more than the weekend to prepare. Try and delay it by a few days. But, I then realised that I should just start as soon as possible and see what happens, so I agreed to begin on Monday.

Finally bought a Belgian mobile at the third time of asking. They looked bemused when I told them that the other shop had required a passport before I could buy anything. Managed to do most of the chit chat and transaction in French which was good for the ol’ confidence.

We finished watching the first series of The Wire. I won't say too much because I'm sure there are plenty of people (because of course this is going to be read by literally tens) who haven't seen it yet. All I will say is that it was absolutely bloody brilliant. Absorbing from first to last. The characters are just wonderful, and the insights into everyone's shades of grey made a nice change from your usual cop v criminal storyline. And, I didn't think it was particularly violent considering the subject matter. A lot of it was implied or spoken about but not always seen.

We also had no problems with the lingo. I can't believe some of you had to use the subtitles to start off with. But, I guess we're just more street than most!

Right, that's a very general, non-specific summary. I go mad when people spoil things that I want to watch so I'm keeping it schtum.

I still think The Sopranos is better. For now...

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