Friday, February 26, 2010

Thurs 25 Feb - Marks and Sparks

It's been reported in the Belgian press today that M&S may well be returning to Belgium after a 9 year absence. For some reason this story made me very pleased indeed. Even though the only things I ever buy from there anymore are their vine leaves and sun dried tomatoes. And maybe their mini filo pastries. Their curries are damn good too. Always been a sucker for their chocolate tea cakes.

I can never find anything I like in their clothes section, but I don't think M&S has ever really been for young, trendy guys like me. Basically, I like M&S because it's just so quintessentially English. And, I think I miss the familiarity of the typical English department store. I'm intrigued to know whether everything will be priced in line with things in England, or whether we'll have to pay Belgian prices, i.e. everything two or three times as expensive. I don't think the Euro had been introduced when M&S was last here.

I'd also like to see a 'Boots' in Belgium.

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