Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Tues 8 Dec

Another good day for French practice. Got a lift to work by someone I'd never met before and who spoke no English at all. So, 45mins there and 45mins back of non-stop French. And is it exhausting or what? You almost have to be on your guard at all times. I've never concentrated so hard before on what people say to me as I do in Mons. When you're learning the language you just can't afford to look away, or let your mind wander, even for a second.

There was one funny moment when she said something and laughed a bit, then looked at me for some sort of confirmation. So I responded by laughing a bit too, which caused her to laugh even more. So, there we were laughing away at god knows what. Still, she seemed very happy. And once you've started laughing it's too late to then say: Quoi?

She also brilliantly summed up Belgian politics using a great French expression: "Quel Bordel!" Which roughly translates as 'what a bloody mess!' Bordel literally means brothel in French.

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