Saturday, December 12, 2009

Fri 11 Dec

Asked my students to confirm an observation I have made so far about the Belgians. And they did indeed back up what I had noticed: Belgians only kiss each other once, not twice like the French, or even an excessive three times, like the Swiss. Two or three kisses are reserved for special occasions such as birthdays, festival days, New Year. Think the French have got the number just about right. One could be seen as a little dismissive (and English!), but three is just foreplay.

There's a Belgian radio station which I tend to listen to every now and again, just so as to see how much I can actually understand (usually very little): Vivacite. Seems to be obsessed with playing anything from the 80s and Lily Allen. You also get some cracking French 'ip op.' Yes, hearing rap in French is quality, I'm telling you. Much of it is still very political, as opposed to their American counterparts who are no longer interested in changing the wrongs of the world and have settled instead for "rushing boodie."

What does amuse me though is when the radio station gets the English translation of songs slightly muddled up. Today they introduced that well known classic by the Eurythmics and Aretha Franklin as: " Sisters are doing it for yourself."

But, still haven't managed to escape the curse that aflicts the radio this time of year; namely playing the same god awful Christmas songs ad infinitum. Heard Band Aid, Slade and that Paul McCartney song all whilst queuing up in the supermarket.

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