Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Tues 22 Dec

Met up with some people thanks to N (our language exchanger from Sunday) at a local cafe. Seems to be more of a place to meet people and chat, rather than just your bog-standard cafe. Lots of shelves with books for you to sit and read whilst supping one of their many different varieties of tea and coffee. And the owner is very friendly and welcolming. So, we had the bizarre scenario of me and C chatting in English to a guy called L, with a couple of other Belgians sitting with us too. They all know each other so it wasn't actually that strange.

One of them is keen to do a language exchange with us. It was great just to be able to chat to 3 people we'd never met before and it all felt so laid back and easy. Apparently, they're regulars to this place so we could end up coming here quite often. The cafe also organises lots of social events, with anything from live music to poetry and literature evenings. It's obviously where all the trendy folk hang out in Mons, and could be handy for meeting people too.

Better news from Eurostar: trains running again, although only a limited service for now. But, the backlog from the weekend has eased pretty quickly. We may well be coming home for Christmas after all!

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