Monday, December 21, 2009

Mon 21 Dec

As things stand, we'll be spending Christmas in Mons. No Eurostar again today, but they hope to resume a limited service tomorrow. And they're advising all passengers whose journey over the next few days isn't essential, not to travel. What moronic advice. Everyone wants to get home for Christmas, of course they're going to be travelling.

Anyway, felt rather fed up after hearing this. The snow is starting to turn to slush and the binmen are still on strike.

Got a 'bonjour' from my hairdresser as I walked past. I'm beginning to be accepted!

Still, finished watching the second series (sorry, don't know what a 'season' is) of The Wire. Not as good as the first but still fantastic. Again, I'll say very little so as not to spoil it for people. Just gripping viewing. I reckon some of the crooks are a lot more likeable than the police chiefs! I guess that's the no 'black or white' storywriting.

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