Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Tues 1 Dec

Begin my day by trying to exchange our train tickets to Ghent so that we can leave Mons before 7pm, but that means paying double for our tickets. If you travel after 7pm on a Friday, you get 50% off a weekend return ticket to any destination in Belgium. Our two tickets to Ghent cost 23Euros in total which is a damn bargain, but we were planning on going earlier, and the woman on Sunday ignored our requests for a different ticket and sold us a weekend one regardless. We were too meek and English to do anything at the time. Anyway, managed to use a few sentences which I’d been rehearsing on the way there, only to be asked by the woman serving for my id card. No, I don’t have one. I’ve been living here for less than a month and it takes several months for it to be processed. I do have a passport though. At home. So, no ticket exchange.

A better lesson today. The highlight, as always, the baguettes. Today, I ate smoked beef and something, and brie and raisins. I know, a bizarre combination, but it seemed to work well.

A really nice bunch this class. E drove me back and we did our bit of pigeon French and pigeon English. The odd bit of smiling and clearing of throats. I was also trying not to fall asleep.

Started the second series of The Wire. It’s good to be reacquainted. A slow start, but it’s merely the teaser for the rest of the series ahead I’m sure. Bit surprised to see Barksdale, Stringer and the crew still there. Thought we were done with them.

We decided to travel after 7pm to Ghent after all.

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