Monday, November 30, 2009

Mon 30 Nov

The Grand Place looked great again now the hideous and tacky fair has finally gone. What the hell were they thinking? And this happens every year. The enormous Christmas tree was being put up as I walked past.

Got M (one of the very helpful secretaries) to show me how to use the photocopier and asked her some adminy things. My spoken French is definitely improving, but it’s the understanding that’s the struggle, which I guess is to be expected. At least she speaks slowly and clearly which helps.

My class wasn’t the best I’ve ever taught. Had the over-ambitious plan to teach them 4 different past tenses, but soon realised that none of them really knew the past simple. Virtually all of them used the present tense to talk about what they’d done at the weekend. Still, got them talking for a bit.

And the highlight: spotting a baguette without meat. Yes, they do have other ingredients other than beef, ham, pork, veal, horse, lamb, minced pork with veal…

J taught me some useful French swear words and phrases on the drive back, which I’ve promptly forgotten.

Had a rather wonderful roast for dinner. Up yours Belgian cuisine. Hang on a sec, all the ingredients were from Belgium. One thing I will say though, their food may be extortionate, but the quality of their meat, even from the supermarkets, is top notch.

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