Friday, December 9, 2011

Fri 9 Dec - Sat 10 Dec: Maastricht

This was supposed to have been a two night stay, but due to being put in the wrong room (had to lump it once we got there, and couldn't be arsed to look for another B&B), which overlooked a noisy street (loads of very loud students all chatting in English, with foreign accents. The city's university is very popular with foreigners), and after a night of virtually no sleep, it turned into a one night stay.

Still, Maastricht, at night, all lit up and Christmassy was great. The Christmas markets (naturally) are meant to be the focal point at this time of year. Gave them a quick peak. The one in Mons was much better.

Another one of those small, compact, cobbled towns, lined with the cosiest and most inviting bars and restaurants you could hope for.

It's funny how close you are to the Belgian border: about a 15mins train journey away.

Had a superb Thai meal on the Friday night (Dutch food is about as appealing to me as Belgian food. You can add German food to that as well.): sushi to start, followed by the best Pad Thai I've ever tasted. I'm finally getting in to my sushi. Have always dismissed it in the past, but it's starting to really grow on me: so clean and fresh.

Our B&B owner was very laid back about us opting to leave a night early, and kindly gave us some money back from our first night, and didn't charge us for the second. I wouldn't have paid anyway, even if she had.

In the end, we only really missed out on an evening out, as we were planning on coming back straight after breakfast the next day. And being so easy to get home meant we virtually had two days here, anyway.

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