Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Wednesday 23 November - Pampered in Brussels

To celebrate our ten-year anniversary (the one where we first got together that is), we decided to take the day off work and head to Brussels for some pampering. Not wanting to trust something like this in Mons, we booked ourselves a day in a spa right at the heart of Brussels' EU quarter.

And a fine way to spend a day it was too. Not cheap (surely, you can guess what I'd write here?!), but well worth it. Access to all the usual facilities: pool, sauna, steam room, jacuzzi, and then we both treated ourselves to an hour massage, which was just heaven.

There was a great spa place we used to go to in Bristol, in Clifton, so this was a little taster of what we've been missing.

Finished off the day meeting our friend, who was over in Brussels for a few days doing academic-type work, for dinner at a good Morrocan place. Raved about on Tripadvisor, but not half as good as our little place in Mons.

See, it's not all bad here!

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