Thursday, September 15, 2011

Thursday 15 September - A Breakthrough

It had to happen eventually. Elio Di Rupo has announced that the eight parties (excluding De Wever's N-VA) have finally reached some agreement over the formation of the national government, a mere 15 months after the General Election.

One of the main issues had been a dispute over Bruxelles-Hal-Vilvorde (BHV), a district which is uniquely bilingual, rather than French or Dutch-speaking. I won't go over the controversies again as I've already done so before. This, however, is only one of several issues to be resolved.

This comes off the back that, hilariously, the out-going (although he never went anywhere), PM, Yves Leterme announced this week that he had got himself a new job at the OECD. Clearly bored with waiting and waiting, he's cheekily been applying for work, and finally landed himself a plum job in Paris.

This breakthrough is a start. A very good one, but there are still other issues to be wrangled over before everyone can finally see in a new government for Belgium.

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