Saturday, November 13, 2010

Sat 13 Nov - Look, no subtitles!

Went to our local indie cinema this evening and saw a film "Quartier Lointain," a joint Belgian/French venture, in its original form, i.e. in French and without English subtitles. The first time I have ever done this. And, it was fine. I'd say I probably understood about two-thirds of what was said, and understood most of what was going on. There was the odd joke that I missed; when the whole auditorium burst into laughter and I just sat there thinking 'okay, I'm sure that was funny, but I have no idea why.' Although it wasn't too difficult to guess if you considered the context.

In fact, this was probably the ideal first film to see without subtitles. There wasn't a huge amount of dialogue which suited me just fine. Overall, I left feeling pretty pleased with myself and realised what huge strides I've made over the last year. The film itself was wonderful. I absolutely loved it. And there are very few films indeed that I have seen at the cinema and left thinking 'wow, that really was superb.'

It had such a lovely feel to it, was beautifully acted and shot, and paced perfectly. A film to truly admire and enjoy. The music also brilliantly complimented it from start to finish. In short, it's a film about a man who, after a fall near the grave of his mother, finds himself back in time and as a teenage boy again, transported to the small French village where he grew up. The difference being that even though he is back to being a teenager again, it is only his physical self that has changed. He still retains the mind and intellect and memories of his grown up, adult self of the future. A little bit like the film 'Big,' but in reverse. He soon becomes aware of a significant event in his life that is about to take place. He also meets old school friends (again), girlfriends and goes to school and does all the other things he would have done then, but knowing that he has already lived this life once before.

Well worth seeing, although you'd probably be hard pushed to find it, even at the artie cinemas in the UK.

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