Saturday, August 28, 2010

Fri 27 Aug - Sun 29 August: Back to Antwerp

Spent the weekend in Antwerp with our good friends to celebrate both their birthdays. Our second visit here. Liked the place as much as I did the first time round. Just has that feel of a place that's comfortable and satisfied with itself. And so it should be. Whenever I see somewhere new I always like to ask myself: "would I be happy living here?" And, for Antwerp, I certainly would. We took our friends out to the same Indian we'd been to last time. Not quite the standard of curry you'd get in England, but still pretty damn good. Although god knows what they'd done to the onion bhajis. They'd been coloured light red and flattened. Tasted nothing like a bhaji. For a start, there was no crunch factor as you bit into them.

So, 2 visits to Ghent, 2 to Antwerp. And the winner is...Ghent! I like my cities pretty do I, without being prissy. Ghent is just a lot tidier, but not overly so, and better laid out. But, it is a lot smaller than Antwerp. I'm sure I'll be back to both a couple more times yet.

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