Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Wed 10 March - New Barbers

Had a short walk around Mons before deciding on a new barbers just off the Grand Place. This one had a nice, stale cigarette smell to it. God, really don't fancy someone smoking as they're cutting my hair. In the end, it was a actually a decent haircut, devoid of any blood or drama. Had a natter to the barber, who is originally from Milan and came to Mons in the 60s. He says he rarely goes back because Mons is his real home and he doesn't ever miss Italy. How can you not miss Italy?? Although he did say that he wouldn't recommend a single Italian restaurant here as they're all 'average.' You can take the man out of Italy...

There is actually quite a sizeable Italian population in Mons and all of Belgium for that matter. Almost 250,000 to be precise, of which 75% live in Wallonia.

It later transpired that I was lucky enough to have my hair cut there and then as the owner usually operates by an appointment system only. I've never made an appointment in my life to see the hairdressers. Still, for the sake of an easy life and a proper haircut I'll happily book in advance.

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  1. Oh you'll have to email me the barber so I can tell my husband. He hasn't been back to that other one yet and things are get bushy lol...

    Haha I love the Italian restaurant comment! But that one we went to wasn't horrible, but nothing incredible either.