Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Mon 15 Feb - My Birthday!

Tomorrow we were due to head back to England for a few days to celebrate the magnificent milestone of it being the 100th birthday of C's grandma. So the plan for today was revel in it being my birthday, smile a lot and get rather excited, as I tend to do on this day every year, pack, and look forward to a meal out tonight. (Main present: Bruges in mid-March!).

Happened to check the Eurostar website this morning as I'd been doing quite regularly just to see if all was running well, only to be confronted by the message that services to and from Brussels to London were currently suspended due to an incident involving Belgium's domestic train services. First reaction: Aggghhhhh! This was of course tempered when I actually found out what had happened. Spent the next couple of hours watching Euronews and discovered the full horrors of the crash just outside Brussels.

Felt rather funny when I discovered that I could well have been on one of the trains from Mons that had collided with the others. I was hoping to have started teaching in Brussels from today, but that never materialised due to the sham that is the previously mentioned "language school," who of course will still remain anonymous.

Dinner at a local Italian was fine, safe in the knowledge by this stage that Eurostar were going to run services to London from Lille instead of Brussels. This doesn't really put us out in any way as we live equidistant from the two cities and it's probably easier to travel from Lille...

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