Monday, December 28, 2009

Thurs 24 - Mon 28 Dec: Return to Blighty

Amazingly, our Eurostar journeys to and from Brussels were incident free and because we'd arrived at 8am on Christmas Eve we were able to catch the first train of the morning (9.30) instead of our 11.29 one. Not that we'd been able to as that train had been wiped from their timetable as they continued to cope with the backlog of the previous few days.

Was a really relaxing and enjoyable few days back home. And a nice change to be able to walk into shops and actually understand what people are saying to you. Did feel slightly strange being back, but as is the way, within a couple of days it just felt as if we'd never been away, or at least had been on a very long holiday. In Belgium. In Mons.

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