Friday, December 18, 2009

Thurs 17 Dec

The bin men failed to collect our rubbish this morning. But, the reason quickly became obvious when at 8.20 a convoy of lorries (eventually identified as the refuse collectors) slowly drove along the ring road, hooting their horns and flashing their lights. I'm guessing they were on strike! The first, that I'm aware of, since we've been here. They repeated this every half hour for about 3 hours.

Tried, and failed, to register as a 'freelancer' this morning. Went to a company that supposedly helps with this sort of thing, only a few minutes walk away, but nobody there spoke any English. And I guess why should they? I managed to speak some French, but not enough to really work out why I eventually had 3 people standing around me, chatting amongst themselves, trying to work out how they could help me. I understood bits and bobs of the conversation, but the outcome seems to be that I need to return again with a translator!

Snowed this afternoon. Not the really thick stuff, but enough to settle and make everything look magical, the way that snow always does.

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