Saturday, December 19, 2009

Sat 19 Dec

Went Christmas shopping, Mons style, today. A very enjoyable and easy-going affair it was too. Not particularly crowded and we actually discovered some useful shops. And a Woolworths equivalent which sold a load of things we couldn't find anywhere else: batteries, de-icer and scraper for C's car. Made me feel guilty for not shopping at Woollies more!

Ate out at a small Moroccan restaurant this evening. Will ask my new hairdresser if he knows the place when I return. The food was great. Potato, cumin, lemon and yogurt salad, followed by a lamb tagine, which reminded me of the way my grandma used to cook her lamb; so soft and tender that it literally slides off the fork. You could see an older woman in the back preparing all the food on the cooker. The restaurant was probably their home as well.

Absolutely freezing walking home. Even after only a 15mins walk, you could feel your face burning it was that cold.

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