Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Wed 11 Nov

Armistice Day, which is a bank holiday for the Belgians, and I’m guessing a few of the other allied countries, but not for the UK. Oh no. Fewer bank holidays than most. We’re always promised an extra day off here and there (St George’s Day is often mentioned) but it never materialises. The long wait for our next official break starts from the August bank holiday and ends on Christmas day. I think another 5 should be added, at least. The reason it’ll never happen is because almost as soon as something like this is announced, the CBI will quickly appear on every news channel to tell us how this is going to cost the British economy X billion pounds. They always seem to know exactly how much money X number of sick days, public holidays, costs us. How? How do they work this out? And why do we care?!

Had my first ‘stroll’ around the centre of Mons. Almost every shop was shut, which makes a nice change for a public holiday. As I was walking round the Grand Place the church bells bizarrely gave off a rendition of the American national anthem. It was actually rather good. I’m assuming in recognition of Armistice Day. Walked past a few Canadians wearing poppies with Canadian flags attached to their jackets. Felt a bit guilty that once again I never bought a poppy. Will start to from next year.

Spent a couple of hours trying to translate my CV into French. Not an easy job. Not an easy job writing a CV full stop. No doubt it’ll give someone a good laugh when they read it.

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